App details page returns "App not found"

Hi all!
I’m new here, I just got my app on flathub.
I have this problem where the app is listed in “New & Updated Apps” but the linked detail page says " App Not Found - No app with the ID net.kirgroup.confy was found on Flathub."

I’m doing something wrong?

Your app somehow bypassed the metainfo validation, for example it misses <releases> and <content_rating> sections (the latter can be generated here). I will be looking what went wrong on our side on Monday.

That being said, the root cause was my optimistic assumption that every application has some URLs listed in <urls> so I fixed that and the entry is visible now.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
So it’s “metainfo.xml” the file and not “appdata.xml” ?
Or I need booth? Ad if yes, they have same schema?
The thing is quite confusing for me, I’m sorry…

Ok, i’ve removed appdata.xml and modified the meson file.
Looks better :+1:

Ah, I did not notice the app has both metainfo and appdata files. Yeah, metainfo is the correct name according to current specification with appdata being the old one that still works for backwards compatibility. Great it’s sorted out.