App store to directly install flatpaks

I feel like an appstore that you could install to get flatpak apps directly from instead of having to go into the website, then the command line and have to manually type the entire thing in (because the terminal I use does not support copy and paste) and then having to wait and then run MORE code for file permissions and stuff, waiting more, and then FINALLY being able to use my app is too much of a hassle and an appstore that does it all for you would be AMAZING.


You are looking for gnome-software:


+1 to add app store
we need this app store to browse/install/remove flatpak apps, also including configurations.
gnome-software is not same, you will browse to many other apps from deb or snap repo. Browse flatpak apps in web is not convenient to install or to know if I have already installed this app in system.

If you want it limited to flatpaks use Warehouse | Flathub