Are any Electron apps build from source?

Are there any Electron apps hosted on Flathub which are built from source?

There is an Electron sample app hosted by the Flathub Github organization, which corresponds to a tutorial in the flatpak documentation. However, the sample app is not actually visible for installation on Flathub.

For all the “real” Electron apps I’ve looked at, the flatpak version is just a wrapper around the upstream deb file. Are there any that are actually built from source?

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Following because I also could not figure this out last time I tried.

IMHO after Flatpak’s new beta comes out, the next best thing would be improved packager experience. It’s so hard to package Python/.NET/etc apps because of how dependencies are handled and how you have to run random scripts.

Flatpak has always had great user UX, but the packager side is lacking the same love. The people who review Flathub submissions (bless them) are probably feeling the side effect of that every single day, since way too many submissions have issues.

Seems to be around half/half when checking on github, some examples:

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