AZPainter: Simple Drawing Software

Project information:
AzPainter is a full color painting program for Linux. It’s a lightweight tool with tablet pressure support, and provides basic functions such as selection, layers, filters. you can use it for painting, image editing, or pixel art making.
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AzPainter itself is more of clone to Windows-only PaintToolSAI, a painting software widely used in Japan.
It has features unique to them, even software like Krita or any open source other alternative doesn’t have yet, like per-preset hotkeys.

Name: AzPainter
Homepage: (Linux) AzPainter (author official site, Japanese only) | (OSDN, English) | Azel / AzPainter · GitLab
License: GNU GPL v3
Upstream has been contacted: Yes, via email

Update regarding upstream:

Azel, the developer is not interested to maintain the flathub release, but he has no problem for any third party to redistribute AzPainter on Flathub.