Best practice for changing name of app?

Hi there, i have an app currently published on flathub with a placeholdery name and have since decided on the name i want to project to use going forward.

I havn’t been able to find any resources on this and was wondering what the best way to handle it is. My app identifier is based off of my gitlab url, which would preferably change when i change the apps name. Can i just change the app-id in my manifest without issue or will i need to submit a new app to flathub?

As far as I know, it isn’t recommended to change the app-id. I’d suggest just changing the app name itself on metadata and desktop files.


If you really want to change, then I guess you could deprecate your current app and ask for the new versions with new id to be added, not sure if this is very helpful tho.

@bilelmoussaoui describes the process here. It requires you to submit a PR for a new app, and then depricate the old app.

thank you! exactly what i was after :smiley: