Best route forward for Cura inclusion?

Hi Everyone,

There is quite some demand for Cura (slicing software for 3D printing) to be added to FlatHub. There is an open FlatHub inclusion request, and the current status is that the upstream project has been asked, and has declined to make any official releases other than as source code and as AppImage packages.

Currently there is an unofficial flatpak package manifest on GitHub . I am in contact with Tim453 who maintains it.

This manifest works by unpacking the officially released AppImage, and repackaging for FlatPak.

If users want to see Cura included in FlatHub, what is the best route forward? Would Tim453’s approach be acceptable? Or does someone need to make a manifest that builds Cura from source?

Joel Holdsworth

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Submitting it to flathub is the best way forward. Preferably building from source.

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it’s currently in the submission pipe.