Beta Flathub Repo Architecture Support

Just wondering whether there is support for aarch64 with beta flathub repository at all, been trying to test stuff on an aarch64 vm with m1 and there doesn’t seem to be any Flatpaks available in GNOME nightly repo, beta flathub repo or canary GNOME web repo.

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aarch64 is fine on beta. but the application you are trying might not even have aarch64 support. Without knowing which one…

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Ah, I think. what through me off was that most of the GNOME apps aren’t available and when I tried to install the aarch64 beta version of shortwave from Flathub Beta repo it gave an error about it requiring org.gnome.Platform/aarch64/3.34 which was not found.
Totem beta gives similar error except aarch64/41 runtime is not found.

cambalache and abiword seem to be listed as available in the flathub beta repo from cli but the beta versions don’t show in gnome-software. :confused:

just be aware that the beta repository is not a guarantee of the latest version. Quite the opposite, it’s just for testing. For example shortwave is over 2 years old on beta and use a very obsolete SDK.

Also platforms are not on the beta repository so you have to install them from stable, it’s not done automatically.

tl;dr don’t use beta as primary your source of applications.

wondering whether beta should be appended at the end of the versions to fix the runtime issue e.g /aarch64/3.34beta /aarch64/41beta

shortwave isn’t available on stable for aarch64 at least.

it is. I just checked.

oh, right, double checked with Flatpak cli and see it available in stable repo but gnome-software doesn’t show any other available sources where there’s usually a dropdown. When I clicked on the unsafe card it shows the source of it as flathub beta so assumed that either the stable version hadn’t released yet or the aarch64 version of stable hadn’t been built :confused:

I noticed other weirdness with gnome-software showing rpm versions with no option to select flathub versions for other applications too so must be a bug. Will try and compile a list and report it upstream with examples.

With regard to the runtimes for beta, do you think its to do with the versioning, the runtimes on the flathub beta repo have beta appended to the versions but there doesn’t seem to be a beta appended to the json file describing runtimes on GitHub.

Would be nice to be able to test apps that are currently being built on gnome-nightly with the flathub beta repo. GNOME nightly currently doesn’t build a single app for aarch64.

Hey hub, I had filled an upstream issue with gnome-software and had just about given up as some of the apps which weren’t showing up on software but which were showing up on cli were spitting out runtime errors around aarch64.

I thought maybe aarch64 isn’t supported well on flathub yet but it turns out though that fedora are shipping a “filtered” version of flathub and I hadn’t realised.

Upon installing and overwriting it with the vanilla upstream flathub repo all of the apps which show on cli are also now showing on software and they aren’t spitting out the runtime errors it was either when I attempt to install them.

Just wanted to get confirmation that there weren’t any fixes to runtimes for aarch64 on flathub side, looks like its the filtered repo that fedora provides which is causing the issues. So hopefully this update will help anyone in a similar boat.

Thanks for the patience

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