Betterbird gpg-agent pinentry

Good afternoon,
this is my first flatpak installation; please be patient :slight_smile: . I installed eu.betterbird.Betterbird version 115.12.0-bb29 and configured it to use my external gpg-keys. However, I cannot save encrypted drafts and cannot send encrypted mails. There is no pinentry popup. The journal gives:

Jun 18 20:36:53 mylaptop gpg-agent[21890]: failed to connect to user session D-Bus (1): Could not connect: No such file or directoryFailed to lookup password for key n/FBB4990F0A877482841F29922741AFAD7725AD80 with secret service: Could not connect: No such file or directory

OS: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) x86_64
Host: Framework Laptop 16 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series)
Kernel 6.1.0-21-amd64

I don’t own this key ID. I have installed Betterbird directly in parallel. This regular installation gives the pinentry popup and all is fine.

How can I configure my flatpak installation to use my gpg-keys or integrate the gpg-agent in my flatpak session?

Any help/hint is greatly appreciated. BR, Andreas

Please ask program specific questions on the programs :slight_smile:

So either Issues · flathub/eu.betterbird.Betterbird · GitHub or in that case, as it’s a verified app, directly here GitHub - Betterbird/thunderbird-patches: Betterbird is a fork of Mozilla Thunderbird. Here are the patches that provide all the goodness.

OK got it. RTFM :laughing:

flatpak override --user --filesystem=home eu.betterbird.Betterbird

So the sandbox can access my home directory including my gpg keys. This will also simplify attaching files from my home directory. Thanks anyway.

If it came over as rude, I did not intend for that.

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