Buildbot problems, local build succeeds

Dear all,

Starting a few weeks ago, the Flathub build bot failed to build my app, although the app builds locally without problems. I do not understand the problem and would appreciate it if someone knowledgeable could have a look. The failed build is here:

Buildbot complains about the following:

Cloning into ‘/srv/buildbot/worker/build-x86_64-6/build/.flatpak-builder/build/maplibre-native-qt-1/vendor/maplibre-native/vendor/benchmark’…
fatal: did not receive expected object f92903cc5338daed898242f22015d8426c065770
fatal: fetch-pack: invalid index-pack output
fatal: clone of ‘file:///srv/buildbot/worker/build-x86_64-6/build/.flatpak-builder/git/https_github.com_google_benchmark.git’ into submodule path ‘/srv/buildbot/worker/build-x86_64-6/build/.flatpak-builder/build/maplibre-native-qt-1/vendor/maplibre-native/vendor/benchmark’ failed
Failed to clone ‘vendor/benchmark’. Retry scheduled

Thank you for all your help!