Can I download an archive and put it inside another module directory?

I want to download archive AAA and put it in archive BBB directory that will build module BBB.

  1. Download archive AAA without building
  2. When archive BBB is being build, flatpak-builder will unpack archive BBB.
  3. Just after module BBB archive unpack, archive AAA was copy/move to BBB directory folder (like 3rdparty folder).
  4. Build module BBB normally. (as if AAA archive is already inside BBB archive)

I do have a vague idea to put multiple source file like this.

 - name: BBB
    buildsystem: cmake
    builddir: true
      - type: archive
        url: BBB        
        sha256: XXX
      - type: archive
        url: AAA
        sha256: XXX  

But I don’t know how to copy/move AAA archive into BBB directory (something like 3rdparty folder) just before BBB start building and without building AAA first.

Thank you.

The property dest from the documentation:

dest (string) Directory inside the source dir where this source will be extracted.


dest for me does not extract .zip file. It only move the file, is that normal?

type: file is your problem. You want type: archive like you mentionned above.

Thanks for reply,
Quick question, any Sdk provide Qt5WebEngineConfig.cmake? Or I have to build myself?

You have to use the base app. Many packages do that already.

This work.
base: io.qt.qtwebengine.BaseApp
base-version: ‘5.15’

Thank you.