Can someone approve Password Safe application

I have been working to create, test, publish, contact application developer, get him cooperating etc for few months now. I am at very very very last stage. Approving program to get it published on Flathub.

Can someone please see “Password Safe” flatpak progress:

  1. Flatpak was built successfully locally on my PC, tested and it works fine.
  2. Flatpak was build successfully on Flathub “testing server”. I installed it from, tested it and it works fine.
  3. Now like I understand from from documentation process is “stuck” at stage: “Once your pull request has been approved, a new repository will be created for your application, containing your app’s Flatpak manifest.” Now it is in this “wait to approve” state for two days… Can someone with appropriate rights look at github request and approve the project. Like I see it this is the final last step flatpak is published. Thanks.

It’ll be approved, please have patience. Some of the reviewers are busy with other things.

Flathub is run by volunteers :slight_smile:

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