Can't find CMakeLists.txt

I’ve built a Flatpak several times successfully on my PC and it is published on Flathub.
It’s just started giving me this error in one of the modules.
Error: module: XXXX: Can't find CMakeLists.txt
I haven’t changed anything in the manifest! What is going on?

Please allow me to be Captain Obvious for a moment.

  1. Are you certain CMakeLists.txt in the directory your manifest wishes to find it?

  2. Does the CamelCasing actually match?

  3. When you checked #1 you checked where you think the manifest is looking (we all do that), but is the manifest actually looking there? You don’t happen to have a hard coded or ASS-U-MEd directory structure that is no longer valid? You didn’t spend months working in /home/Fred/MyProject where everything worked then check out into /home/Fred/Possible-New-Feature, get new feature working, but your manifest is still looking at /home/Fred/MyProject, right?

  4. My personal favorite! Do an ls -al on the CMakeLists.txt file you swear is in the correct spot. Has the ownership or protection changed? I love it when that happens! You did a sudo or su or some other thing that “made you root” or someone else, edited the file, now root or someone else owns it. That’s always a great one.

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Unfortunately I’m Captain Mystery, in that the details in your post are a complete mystery to me. I think Flatpaks are by far the best packaging format, but unfortunately they don’t allow dependencies, so mine has to compile all its dependencies which are written in C - and I don’t know C! I am just using a manifest which was written for me - with my Python program at the end, which I do understand. I haven’t changed anything in the Manifest, just the Python, so I’m amazed that it has suddenly stopped working.
I realise that I am giving you a sack and asking you to guess what’s in it…
This is the relevant bit, it is preceded by several modules which are needed by align-image_stack, and compile successfully.

  - name: align_image_stack
    buildsystem: cmake-ninja
    builddir: true
      - type: file
        sha256: d3af0d066ac50e3bb243a175a64ecda136d87178419457e8822e11bcf0e565cb
       blah, blah...

  1. I’ll check all the directories for different versions of the manifest in case I have got mixed up and not noticed. (Wouldn’t be the first time.)

I’m now Captain Meticulous after taking note of your point 3. I checked and compared my several versions of the manifest. I don’t know how, but I was using the wrong version of the manifest, and that was downloading the wrong version of a tarball. I’ve now done some overdue housekeeping.
It’s always best to check the simplest things first. Thanks Captain Commonsense :grinning: