Can't find GIMP plug-in flatpaks on flathub

I’ve been using the GIMP flatpak for years with few problems :partying_face:, until a GIMP tutorial (How to Blur Backgrounds in GIMP 2.10 – Shallow Depth of Field Effect by Davies Media Design) mentioned the Resynthesizer/Heal Selection plug-in. I wasted time downloading an archive of the plug-in, determining the GIMP flatpak’s plug-ins folder, and putting files there before learning that the plug-in is available on Flathub as a flatpak with the command line

flatpak install flathub org.gimp.GIMP.Plugin.Resynthesizer

However, you can’t find or locate this plug-in on the Flathub web site. As one of the plug-ins developers noted

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be links from [the GIMP app page on flathub] to the GIMP plugins that are also flatpak’ed.

and if you search for “resynthesizer” or “GIMP plugin” on flathub, you get no results.

Is there an issue/plan to have findable plug-in pages on Flathub, and some way app pages can mention their plug-ins?

Discovery of plugins is still a sore point.

GNOME Software show them though. Also with issues.