Cant install Kdenlive

Keep getting this error when i try to install Kdenlive. Searching google with this finds nothing so hopefully the good folks here can help. Thanks in advance

Aborted due to failure (While trying to checkout c39e400da08d1544132548e8e22e26a17452a199f6606f7eb5cc7af062c097a6 into /home/jack/.local/share/flatpak/app/org.kde.kdenlive/x86_64/stable/.c39e400da08d1544132548e8e22e26a17452a199f6606f7eb5cc7af062c097a6-X39G90: Opening content object b9490eccddf23c17352277f3c55098714b9cdca679d650179a536874012f10b4: Couldn’t find file object ‘b9490eccddf23c17352277f3c55098714b9cdca679d650179a536874012f10b4’)

Elementary os 6
ryzen 3 1200

Type flatpak repair and then see whether you get the error or not.

i did do that but no errors

all i get is this

flatpak repair
Working on the system installation at /var/lib/flatpak
[13/28] Verifying appcenter:app/org.gnome.Evince/x86_64/stable…
Checking remotes…

got it to install now by repairing with --user

issue now is that it attemps to open the app for a second then closes. Previously when i had it i ticked gpu rendering so im guessing thats why it wont open any idea on how to fix that?