Can't signup, confirmation email never received by forum platform

Hi, I want to report it is impossible to sign up as a new user on the forum because the confirmation email is never received, I tried many times also ordering a resending of the email. Right now, I used my personal github profile to login and I didn’t want to use it.

Thanks in davance for the attention

Ok, the confirmation email arrived after 2 days, the activation code contained in it was obviously expired but at least it gave me the possibility to reset the password and it worked.

Yeah, the queue worker was down after upgrade for some reason. It should be fine now.

Still not. Or: my registration dialog is still “loading”.

My workaround: Try to login with e-mail twice (once for e-mail confirmation, once “to log in”)

Sounds like completely different issue. Could have been fixed by Discourse upgrade(s) since your post.