Changelog & Image click enlarges


I wonder if it would be possible to add a changelog section on the application view, as in other app store around. Or just a link beside Website, Help, Issues. Maybe it already exists and I missed it ?

Also, something that can be useful in some cases, is this enlarges image on click, like in play store website for example.

Thanks to the team behind flathub and flatpak, which you a great success !

There’s some updates like that on the ‘beta’ site we’re currently developing that will become the new flathub website - see Feeds | Flathub for example. Although on the images we’re limited by what’s available from the app and supported in the appstream standards.

For some of this ‘ongoing’ app information we’d probably expect most users to get their app updates from a native app store like GNOME Software or KDE Discover so I’m interested in how you’re using the website and on what sort of Linux?

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