ChromeOS: I tried to install bottle and it gave me an error message

So basically I tried installing bottle and alot of other things, (examples: minecraft, vinegar, grapejuice, OBS, audacity, and alot of other things that have .com or are from offical companys)
Heres the Error

blazingwolfie3001@penguin:~$ flatpak install flathub com.usebottles.bottles
Looking for matches…
error: Nothing matches com.usebottles.bottles in remote flathub

And yes, other apps work fine, but most with com and the ones i listed dont work.

I need help please ( i also posted this on [github])(I tried to install bottle and it gave me an error message · Issue #5474 · flatpak/flatpak · GitHub)

You probably have an ARM system (aarch64). These applications are only available for AMD & Intel systems (x86_64 see “Available Architectures” on the Flathub site). If it’s an proprietary application then it’s more likely to be limited (i.e. .com).

Though Audacity should be available according the site. Maybe there was a typo in this case?

Audacity was a typo, and there isnt a way to get it if it isnt x86_64 architecture than i just outright cant install it?

Apparently it can be emulated on a common Linux distribution. With the host package qemu-user-static (or named similarly, this is not a Flatpak application) you can install & run foreign architectures (see Add (user-mode) emulation to run Flatpak Apps across CPU architectures).

I don’t know if & how it works with ChromeOS.

And it is probably very slow. There are other, faster emulators (Box86/Box64 vs QEMU vs FEX (vs Rosetta2)) but a quick search doesn’t provide much about flatpak integration.