Cider (Apple Music) Flatpak Request

Project information:

Name: Cider - open source Apple Music client
License: AGPL-3.0 License
Upstream has been contacted: yes -

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Yes please! I was just about to make a request for this Apple Music Electron Client (this uses electron too but this project looks much better) I found on GitHub that the author has said he would allow someone to package for Flatpak but this looks so much better!

Apple Music Electron is EOL, its now Cider.

As a team, we are discussing it. As its still under heavy development, we haven’t released anything and it is starting get its stability.

Cider team has some problems with the release. Could someone with the knowledge provide help, please?

This has been worked on and should be releasing soon as it’s all working for the most part and upstream is on board.

It has been submitted for review.

It is now available