Citrix Workspace Request

Project information:

Name: Citrix Workspace
Citrix Workspace app 2106 for Linux - Citrix
License: Propietary
Upstream has been contacted: No

Is it possible to make citrix workspace a flatpak? A lot of people have spoken about this on their forums and there has been no answer.

Hi there, if you’re still looking for a Citrix Workspace flatpak, I’ve made one can be found here:

I’m not sure about the copyright legalities involved with making/distributing a pre-built flatpak app containing Citrix code. So you’ll have to build it yourself, but don’t worry, it should be pretty easy with the instructions I’ve provided.

Any idea how to build it on fedora silverblue/kinoite?

Do the commands listed in the readme on the github page not work? I don’t know much about Fedora/Silverblue but I would have assumed the steps to build and install would be the same as any other distro.

Silverblue doesn’t have flatpak-builder installed.

Ah, OK.

After bit of searching, it looks like you may be able to run flatpak-builder using Toolbox:

Or use Builder (GNOME Builder) to build the flatpak:

Ahh ok. I will give it a try