COMPLETELY Uninstall Flatpak Tutorial Please?

I posted about a different topic recently that installing Firefox after Flatpak, broke the native ‘Abrowser’ within GnuTrisquel 9.0…causing a number of different issues, including intermittent disconnection from the internet and problems with YouTube. So much for “sandboxing.”

Now…I’ve also discovered that the native OS Updater (for long-term version updates and security updates)…is now…just flat out broken. Trying to do an update says there is no internet connection, which is completely incorrect.

May I please have step-by-step advice on how to Completely Remove any semblance that Flatpak ever existed…and put the Trisquel OS back the way it was…without needing to reinstall it from scratch?

Thank you so very kindly!

This is extremely unlikely that Flatpak broke a browser or anything related to Internet connectivity. You should contact Trisquel support team as neither of these issues sound like caused by “us”.

You closed my first post about Flatpak breaking ‘Abrowser’ and causing OS update issues in GNUTrisquel 9.0, arbitrarily.

The second post (regarding Flatpak REMOVAL) is entirely relevant, as Flatpak most certainly is the direct cause of both the Abrowser and OS update issues, because they appeared ‘immediately’ after Flatpak (with Firefox via Flatpak) were installed. No other changes were made in between. None at all.

My ask please, is for assistance to completely uninstall anything related to Flatpak. Which seemingly would be within the purview of any forum assistance/discussion. So if you/someone would please offer that much, that would be an appreciated response, in service to this represented product.

I do very much appreciate any helpful/relevant responses.