Cursor in Octave

I have a minor problem with the Octave flatpak. When I type in the command window the cursor gets ahead of the text. The distance ahead increases with the length of the line typed in. I have the same problem on both CentOS 7 and Debian testing, under X and Wayland. Is there some setting I might be missing?

Try install Octave from the repo and see if it have the same issue.

The repo versions work fine, but are very old on CentOS so not a viable alternative.

do you have screenshot?

Hopefully I got it uploaded correctly. The cursor in the command window is well ahead of the actual text location. The distance increases as the length of the line increases.

And here is what happens when I back-spaced to correct the typo “text” to “test”

does octave in full screen and windowed show different result?

Same behavior. The Editor window seems fine, though, under any view. Only the Command Window is a problem.

It could be a problem with the specific font used for the command window. If there is an option to change it, try using a different one. Otherwise I’m out of ideas.

You are a genius. I was able to switch the command window font from “clean” to “DejaVu Sans Mono” and the problem went away. That never would have occurred to me.

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