Dbus-session permssions for Artha Dictionary

Artha is a gtk2 offline dictionary which needs session-bus access, and flathub does not want full session-bus access to a sandboxed app. Now Flatpak docs does not specify how to make an application talk to session-bus. only GeoClue2 or full session-bus is mentioned.

Based on the Artha Sources:

#define STR_DUPLICATE_OBJECT_PATH	"/org/artha/duplicate"
#define STR_DUPLICATE_INTERFACE_NAME	"org.artha.duplicate"
#define STR_SIGNAL_NAME			"duplicate_instance_invoked"
#define STR_SIGNAL_MATCH_RULE		"type='signal',interface='org.artha.duplicate',path='/org/artha/duplicate'"

flatpak run --talk-name=org.artha.unique net.sourceforge.Artha
does not help

** (artha:2): ERROR **: 01:48:52.316: D-Bus Error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied

Please help me find proper session-bus

d-feet also not helping much

You can pass --log-session-bus to flatpak run to log what D-bus names are being accessed.

also there is the --own-name= argument to own the name on the session bus.

Yes, Thank you, --own-name=org.artha.unique works!