Debugging Flatpak early exit issues

I’m having trouble with a Flatpak container exiting automatically for no obvious reason. Weirdly, this happens even if I override --command=sh. You can sit there at the prompt for about ten seconds and it exits on its own. I have not managed to find any relevant logs, nor have I found an appropriate place to put an strace.

How can I narrow down what’s going on here?

The container in question is dev.goats.xivlauncher, running on Manjaro; it’s worth noting it runs just fine on another system, and on the system in question, it did run for several hours until it started doing this. I’m honestly mostly curious about a general solution to this problem.

if you launch it with --devel you’ll have gdb and strace, and other useful tools.

I’ve tried that, but, again, it exits after ten seconds even at the sh prompt. There’s nothing for me to gdb or strace - something outside the command prompt is causing this to happen, and I don’t know what, or even what it could be.

I have the same problem for the Lutris flatpak, exits after several dozen seconds (both app and debug shell).
Installed dev.goats.xivlauncher and dev.goats.xivlauncher.Debug, and no issues, both the application and shell are stable.
So it stands to assume this is either weirdly temporary, or not necessarily a problem with the package itself, but the flatpak installation.

I’ve heard reports of this same bug from other people, so this is definitely not a single-computer thing. But nobody knows how to debug it, reproduce it on other computers, or stop it from happening on computers it happens on. :person_shrugging:

Yep, sounds about right. Got the same flatpak setup to work on another system (fresh Manjaro KDE install instead of KDE neon, but same hardware except the drive)
I opened an issue here.