Designing flatpak as a general-purpose software packaging tool

Designing flatpak as a general software packaging tool

First time using flatpak, forgive my quirky ideas.

My vision is for flathub to be a common source of software available on all distributions, not just GUI programs.
Some publishers usually use software that is not the latest version for system stability (or compatibility issues?).
It is possible to use the latest versions of software from different sources (eg stable, testing, unstable for debian). I don’t know if this will disrupt the stability of the original system.

But if users use flatpak, they can use various versions of software (not just GUI programs) while enjoying the stability of the system. without conflicting with the system.

Hopefully there is a software type that acts as an extension to both the sdk and the app, or as a separate app.

For example: llvm project

  • User can compile his program with clang alone
    • Can flatpak be used to safely and compatibly provide compilation functionality to the host system?
    • I think this works because the goal of appimage is: make Linux apps run anywhere
    • this is my starting point
    • Allow users to enjoy various versions of the software
  • Dependent programs that exist in the app, such as clang, clangd, node, python. . .
    • Perhaps the host system is preferred? (Avoid unnecessary downloads)
    • The current design seems to require the app to carry it itself (or use the host system’s software via flatpak-spawn)
  • Compilation tool for programs running on flatpak
    • for example like now runtime/org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.llvm14