Device not found while using flatpak

Hello All,
I am new to flatpak and have started working to create flatpak package for WWAN enablement i.e flatpak package for Install lenovo-wwan-dpr on Linux | Snap Store

I am getting below error:

  1. sh: line 1: mmcli: command not found
    I am using “mmcli” to get modem type in Application code

  2. ls: cannot access ‘/dev/wwan*’: No such file or directory
    Above error is shown but i am able to see /dev/wwan0mbim0 files

yml file loiks like below:

app-id: org.flatpak.Hello
runtime: org.freedesktop.Platform
runtime-version: '21.08'
sdk: org.freedesktop.Sdk
command: DPR_test
  - --share=network
  - --filesystem=/dev
  - --device=all
  - name: hello
    buildsystem: simple
      - install -D DPR_test/app/bin/DPR_test
      - type: file
        path: DPR_test

We are just packaging a binary using flatpak.
Any comment regarding this will be helpful:

Thank you !!

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you should not have --filesystem=/dev

as for mmcli it’s not in the runtime as it doesn’t have ModemManager. You’d need to build in the flatpak.

@hub Thank you for your comments.

you should not have --filesystem=/dev

It seems application cannot access /dev/wwan0mbim0 file . Is there something needs to be done in yml file for this ?

You’d need to build in the flatpak.

In this case, i suppose i need to package ModemManager as modules . Is there any other application which uses modemmanager build in flatpak , so that i can re-use it as it will be very helpful.

Thank you

I had tried searching in github but cannot see any search result using above link as well, not sure any permission needed to see this. Thanks

The above link doesn’t work for me, I guess it’s meant to be Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

@razzeee Thank you very much ! I will try and check it !!

For what it’s worth, the application you’re looking to package looks like a daemon that runs in the background. It’s unlikely to be accepted in Flathub if it doesn’t have any UI to speak of, contrary to snap and the snap store.

@hadess Thank you for sharing this information. Yes, this application doesn`t have any UI.