DisplayCal request

Project information: DisplayCal is a color calibration utility that’s used by many photographers. Sadly, it’s based on wxwidgets and Python 2.7, so it’s not really possible to install it on any modern distribution.

Name: DisplayCal
Homepage: https://displaycal.net/
License: GPL 3
Upstream has been contacted: No

Discussion @ https://discuss.pixls.us/t/rip-displaycal/

Update: Contacted the developer of DisplayCAL, and he gives us his blessings to go forward with packaging.

RIP DisplayCAL ? - Software - discuss.pixls.us :

Flatpak sounds like a good interim solution for Linux if someone wants to bundle the current version.

Everyone on Linux who’s into design, photography, and generally having accurate colors would greatly appreciate any packager who steps forward. :wink:

DRAFT Pull Request