Distinct images on WorkSpace

In my machine I have instaled Hydrapaper on Cinnamon and Arch Linux.
I have a folder with my images and execute hydrapaper -c Image1 Image2 Image3 and Hydrapaper changes the wallpapers on my three monitors
I have two workspace ¿it is possible use 6 images to chage a a image for workspaces not for distinct monitor?

Im my machine could be hydrapaper -c Image1 … Image6

And then Image1 to workspace 1 and monitor 1 and Image6 is the wallpaper to workspace2 and monitor 3.
hydrapaper -c /tmp/1.jpg /tmp/2.jpg /tmp/3.jpg /tmp/4.jpg /tmp/5.jpg /tmp/6.jpg

(org.gabmus.hydrapaper:13298): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 13:05:17.243: gtk_widget_set_parent: assertion ‘_gtk_widget_get_parent (widget) == NULL’ failed

only use to the monitors.