Doap file for maintainers

It’s not easy to find the latest or current maintainers of any project on GitHub.

Could Flatpak adopt a DOAP file or a similar approach to display the project maintainers?

Introducing a whole “Description Of A Project” file might backfire, as it has many more fields then maintainer/developer. That makes it complicated to understand for users and some might expect the other fields to do something too.

Is there any way to know the current maintainer?

other then looking at commits, probably not

If you go to Insights > People > Outside collaborators you can view the persons who has access.

This isn’t going to work for collaborators who are in a GitHub team in the Flathub org for example GNOME, KDE etc. have their own Github teams

The easiest would be to just find the account that last committed to the repo.

A doap file does not make sense because I doubt it’s going to be updated and if it doesn’t we are back to not knowing and ownerships of repos shift due to Github workflow, so it will need regular updates.

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