Dont understand the instructions to create a flathub

I am the developper of vimix : GitHub - brunoherbelin/vimix: Live Video Mixer
I made and tested locally a flatpak for vimix
I would like to submit it to flathub

However, I do not understand the instructions on App Submission · flathub/flathub Wiki · GitHub

OK this is done in github (had to guess)

  • Clone the fork: git clone --branch=new-pr

What is “new-pr” ?: should it be replaced by the app name? Should it be the full flatpak name?
What is ? : Should it be replaced by my email for account to github?

I am stuck here, but already anticipate that I don’t understand the following :

  • Create a new branch with your app’s name: git checkout -b your_app_name

How does my app name is checked checkout ? is this not the name of the repo?
The command git checkout does not create a branch, or does it?

  • Open a pull request against the new-pr branch on Github

Where? which github page?

So, in short, all this might be really obvious to you but for an old guy like me all these unsaid and shared knowledge in the geeks community make it difficult to follow for newbie. An example guide with step by step instructions would be helpful : I could not find anything like that. Sorry if I missed the obvious… (at least this means the obvious cannot be found easily, which is already something to improve!! :slight_smile: )


All this can be done without commands in the console. Go to the flathub repository on github and create a fork of it in your account.
Next, in the fork, create a new branch with the name of the program repository that you want to publish. In the new branch, you will need to create a manifest file for your application. And then you can already make a pull request. The request is also made from the Github web interface.

Thanks for the quick response!
Indeed the steps are few clics on github: I can understand why it feels obvious when one knows…

The thing is that I didn’t want to make a mess and the instructions are not fully clear: e.g. just saying new-pr is the name of your program repository was very helpful in your message. An example step by step could be nice to have.

I hope my pull request for vimix (and the manifest) will be correct.
Thanks for helping

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new-pr is the branch you use to branch of, to create your request in