External data checker: no tags matching the tag pattern

I’ve recently introduced an external data checker to one of the modules of an app I’m maintaining (Frescobaldi). I’ve pushed it even if I knew that it was failing locally, because I wanted to be sure that it really didn’t work. Well, it doesn’t.

I’ve followed what’s explained here.

Here’s the error I see locally:

ERROR   src.manifest: Failed to check git lilypond-dev/lilypond.git with GitChecker: https://gitlab.com/lilypond/lilypond.git has no tags matching '^v([\\d.]+)$': list index out of range

And this is the current version of the manifest:

- name: lilypond-dev
    buildsystem: simple
      - ./autogen.sh --noconfigure
      - ./configure --disable-documentation --prefix=/app/dev --enable-cairo-backend
      - make
      - make bytecode
      - make install
      - make install-bytecode
      - type: git
        url: https://gitlab.com/lilypond/lilypond.git
        tag: v2.25.12
        commit: e0ba6220c818a6299a225f6a24f77ec98dc79a82
          type: git
          tag-pattern: ^v([\\d.]+)$
          is-important: true

Is the tag pattern wrong?
It looks correct to me. What I’m missing?

Thanks in advance

I think that’s for use with a json file, if you’re doing yaml, you don’t need to escape the backslash


Yes, that was the problem. Thank you

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