Fail saving data in a "installation=extra"

I have installed Remmina with flatpak in an “Installation= Extra” in a secondary partition mounted on /media/user/90gb

The execution is correct, but the program does not save any type of data. Neither passwords, no configurations of any kind.

Some errors at the exit:

Remmina plugin glibsecret (type=Secret) has been registered, but is not yet initialized/activated. The initialization order is 2000.
The glibsecret secret plugin has been initialized and it will be your default secret plugin

(org.remmina.Remmina:2): GVFS-WARNING **: 17:57:22.548: The peer-to-peer connection failed: Error al obtener la información del archivo «/run/user/1000/gvfsd»: No such file or directory. Falling back to the session bus. Your application is probably missing --filesystem=xdg-run/gvfsd privileges.

I have used many applications with FlatPak and I never had this problem. But it is the first time I use an “extra” installation.
I have nothing installed under Flatpak except Remmina (is the first package, in a clean installation Debian 11). I teased to use this secondary partition to host all my FlatPak applications. I do not know if I’m doing something wrong, but any kind of help serves me.
Thanks a lot.

if you start the flatpak passing --filesystem=xdg-run/gvfsd to the flatpak command does this work?

Like flatpak run --filesystem=xdg-run/gvfsd org.remmina.Remmina

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this does not work for me. But now a remminal does not save passwords either (but if configuration data) in the standard installation (not extra).

At the moment I have installed Remmina with APT and everything works perfectly. I have an older version, but it’s going well. I will try to install more packages in the installation = Extra to see your behavior.

You may have forgotten to install some important library, since I have a minimalist environment, without desktop environment. But it had not happened before.

I will also try another kernel (it’s the first time I use a 5.15), maybe it’s because of this.

Passwords are a different permission.

Maybe filing an issue will get better visibility to people that have a knowledge of the package (I don’t):