Fatal: unable to access 'https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/vte.git/': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: none CRLfile: none

I’m getting this kind of errors since few days while building the Remmina flatpak on gitlab, the strange thing is that the certificate of gitlab.gnome.org is correct!

Any ideas how to debug this problem?


OK, it looks like a recent change with Let’s Encrypt


At the moment in the .gitlab-ci.yml file I’ve added

- git config --global http.sslverify false

I guess I’ll have to add the new root certificate in the Ubuntu 20.04 image I’m using

I answer myself :stuck_out_tongue:

So it was really linked to the change done by Let’s Encrypt, I’ve rebuilt the Ubuntu 20.04 image, that contains the latest CA and the problem is disappeared.