Fedistar Request

Project information: Fedistar

Name: Fedistar
Homepage: GitHub - h3poteto/fedistar: Multi-column Fediverse client for desktop
License: GPL-3.0 license
Upstream has been contacted: YES
Flatpak support · Issue #755 · h3poteto/fedistar · GitHub

The prject has been reached out to but nthey need help packaging the application. not sure my system is ready to do so at the moment, but I could try to package the app. If someone more experienced would like to try that would be great. It has been a while since i packaged a flatpak.

Usually, you might want to link to the source, where you contacted them.

Updated. it’s an enhancement thread and has been some time. I chimed in and added what i might do. I’m still going to try to build it but it’s been a while since i have done one. Seems like a simple build, but you never know.