Filezilla does not open the default file editor

In my use case this makes the Filezilla flatpak difficult to use. I have seen a workaround that looks too difficult for most people ([SOLVED] How to open the editor from flatpak version of FileZilla) but quite frankly, not using the Flatpak is easier. So, this is a workaround (For Debian 11 KDE at least) for people with the same problem who don’t want to play with dbus.

  1. Download Filezilla from the website (Download FileZilla Client).
  2. Extract it
  3. Place it somewhere (say ~/.bin/)
  4. Create a new menu entry pointing to the binary (~/.bin/FileZilla3/bin/filezilla).

Update: Paddylandau has posted his workaround for the Flatpak version of Filezilla on Github.