Firefox Developer Edition Flatpak

Project information: Firefox Developer Edition

Name: Firefox Developer Edition
License: Mozilla Public License
Upstream has been contacted: No


Would also love to see Firefox Developer Edition on flathub.

Worth noting that there is a flatpak repository for Firefox Nightly and Firefox Developer Edition however if I remember correctly it hasn’t been updated for a while.


Well, I’m on the team which wants Firefox Dev on flathub.

I have tested the repository mentioned by @sonny but it is not been uptaded for a year or more… maybe if the community contact mozilla about our request they give us attention?

Has somebody tried to contact them?


I have submitted the request to Firefox Developer Edition flatpak - Mozilla Connect

Please vote :slight_smile:

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Voted, Sonny.
How do you manage now ?
Are you after downloading FFDE and installing it manually ?
I’m on Ubuntu and did it manually on a user account so it can update itself - which it does with tedious frequency.