Firefox Flatpak Request

Project information:
Firefox Browser developed by Mozilla, a global community that works together to keep the web open, public and accessible to everyone

Name: Firefox
License: MPL
Upstream has been contacted:


Thanks for posting this. The flathub team are working directly with Mozilla upstream in order to make sure that they can support a fully featured and security supported Firefox browser using Flathub. We’re hoping for good news soon.


I’m waiting for this flatpak by years!
This will be an important step to Flathub coverage!


Same here!
And I hope/feel like Firefox will be the first fully featured flatpak for a well known and widely spread application, taking advantage of all flatpak features (sandboxing permissions). So, kind of like a pilot and demonstration of the technology.
With many people hopefully adopting the flatpak release, provided it works well, it should convince other software houses/developers of the advantages of the technology (cross distro compatibility, sandboxing, lower packaging and testing effort, etc…).
That’s how I see it.

is already beta on the flathub!

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