Firefox flatpak snafu

For those of us who have both fedora and flathub remotes enabled, there are two Firefox flatpaks, with names distinguished only by the case of the ‘f’. The fedora one is currently out-of-date (with critical vulnerabilities), but of course ‘flatpak update’ won’t upgrade it to the flathub one. Easy enough to de-install and re-install, but not ideal… is the naming difference deliberate? What would happen if they had the same name, would it upgrade from one to the other?

$ flatpak search firefox
Name                                 Description                                                                                 Application ID                                    Version                 Branch            Remotes
Firefox                              Fast, Private & Safe Web Browser                                                            org.mozilla.firefox                               124.0.1                 stable            flathub
Firefox                              Web Browser                                                                                 org.mozilla.Firefox                               123.0                   stable            fedora

If they had the same app ID, then whichever one you installed would stay, the same as all the apps that do have the same IDs between flathub and fedora.

The mismatch wasn’t intentional. Firefox in on linux was already using the capitalized form internally, but Mozilla chose to match the ID they use on other platforms. I’d like to see the Fedora flatpak renamed, but I don’t know of any plans to do so.