Firequalizer for ffmpeg in flatpak environment

Hello my app runs a single ffmpeg command it seems that ffmpeg is available in org.kde.Sdk environment, but it complains about firequalizer. Do you know how can i fix this issue.

No such filter: 'firequalizer'
Error reinitializing filters!                                                                                                                  
Failed to inject frame into filter network: Invalid argument
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It seems that openshot devs/package maintainers just built its own ffmpeg as a module in the manifest file (yml file). so i did thet too!

Here is my module for ffmpeg. I can confirm it has firequalizer but i believe It can be more minimalistic than what I did.

  - name: ffmpeg
      - --enable-gpl
      - --enable-libfontconfig
      - --enable-libfreetype
      - --enable-libopus
      - --enable-libvorbis
      - --enable-libvpx
      - --enable-avresample
      - --disable-libx264
      - /share/ffmpeg
      - type: archive
        sha256: 0d5da81feba073ee78e0f18e0966bcaf91464ae75e18e9a0135186249e3d2a0b