First Flatpak, first Python app

It’s my first time coding in Python, or trying to create a Flatpak. I do not know what is going wrong but I can’t seem to get my yaml to work properly with flatpak-builder. The build process doesn’t seem to actually follow my commands for installation, I feel like I have followed examples properly but nothing seems to work, always telling me it can’t find my command after installation. Honesty, after installation I can’t find any of the files in the prospective places I placed them, can I get a hand? I’ve been working on this for days and am totally stuck. I’m not even sure if the python will work yet, it’s meant to create a gtk3 window with some buttons, check boxes, and essentially create a .desktop file that points to a website using your browsers exec= parameters.

Here is the link to my yaml, the repo also has my .py .sh .desktop metainfo.xml and icon.png.

I’m using flatpak-builder install ‘my_manifest’.yml if that helps.

Like in Python, indentation in YAML are part of the semantics. flatpak-builder probably emit warnings because it can’t understand the structure.

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Thank you very much, I had no idea the indentations were part of the semantics, guess I’ll try this in json and give it another go around all things considered, will be back with updates in a few days!