Flashprint on Raspbian /arm/master not installed

Hey Im having issues trying to get Flashprint(3d printer slicer) to run on raspbian using flatpack. I followed the instructions on the softwares install page but I get an error saying that /arm/master/ isnt installed so the program cant run. I have tried running the installer again, but same error. Im a real linux noob so any help would be appreciated.Capture.PNG

This proprietary software is only available for x86_64 (intel 64 bits).

Ahh ok the arm error makes more sense now thank you.

Now that I check your screenshot again, you just try to run it, but this would be an error at installation time anyway that it can’t find the package.

This doesn’t change my answer, just that it assumed more than was shown.

Also, in general, Flatpak on arm 32-bits (the default on Raspberry Pi) is not maintained anymore.