Flathub not working on EndeavourOS

I have just installed EndeavourOS for the first time and I am use KDE Plasma as my DE. I have tried to install flathub and it is not showing up in my start menu and I dont know why. I followed the steps for installation from the flathub website and doesnt seem to have worked. Any help would be appreciated.

I would like to add that I am quite new to Linux in general and it’s my first time using an Arch based distro.

Flatpak is a command line application, you won’t find any menu entry for it, only for the applications installed by flatpak.

You can install applications through the terminal (the exact command can be found via flathub.org, behind the arrow of the install button) or install KDE Discover as a graphical app store.

In general I would recommend to check the Arch Linux Wiki. It also contains an overview of Flatpak (all commands you’ll have to execute via your terminal, most likely Konsole will be installed).