Flatpak App Run Fail

OS: Linux Mint 21.3
Flatpak 1.12.7

Downloaded a flatpak app: Installation complete.
Checked flatpak list and copied the listed app ID (name)
~$ flatpak run (listed flatpak app ID)
bwrap: execvp /bin/sh: No such file or directory

Please advise on how to get this app to run.

If you can, update your flatpak version from mint.

You should also check for (runtime) updates via flatpak update (maybe even do flatpak update --user)

And also try flatpak repair

Thanks for your response.
I removed and reinstalled flatpak from the Mint Software Manager and checked terminal: flatpak is already the newest version (1.12.7-1).
Ran flatpak update which updated two apps, although not the one failing to run.
Ran latpak update --user Looking for updates…Nothing to do. And ran flatpak repair.
However, same run error: $ flatpak run net.mkiol.SpeechNote.Addon.nvidia
bwrap: execvp /bin/sh: No such file or directory.
(Using second download of the app in case of corrupted first download.)
Please advise

That’s an extension for an app, not the app itself. Try flatpak run net.mkiol.SpeechNote. You’ll need to install it if you haven’t already.

It’s a bit odd that flatpak run will attempt to run an extension though.

Thank you, I was thrown off by the fact that the install download of net.mkiol.SpeechNote.Addon.nvidia was shown as 4.1GB and took a long time so I assumed it contained the base app. (Still wondering about that.)
Nevertheless, installing net.mkiol.SpeechNote per your guidance has allowed the app to run. :grinning:
Also now installed is net.mkiol.SpeechNote.Addon.nvidia, but do I need to do something to “add” the add-on it so that the NVIDIA acceleration works?

The extension should be loaded automatically. You should see it listed in the output of flatpak info -e net.mkiol.SpeechNote

I see it. :grinning:
Thank you, your help is much appreciated by this 74-year-old escapee from MS Windows.

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