Flatpak-builder versus qtcreator

I’m on kubutu 23.10 and I just started making a flatpak for my pet project.

But I also have some utility programs (my text editor, a directory flattener, etc).

I don’t want to use flatpak for those - I won’t be distributing them. But I want them to use qt6 (whatever minor version) and I’d like my app to use flatpak kde runtime/6.6

I see the flatpak qt6 kit in qtcreator but when I link with it, first off I get “no runtime” which makes sense. Then I did
sudo apt install qt6-base-dev qmake6 libasound2-dev

but I only see the flatpak qt6 with all these references to /app/*

And when I use regular qtcreator instead of flatpak-build, my app looks wonky with a stretched width and height.

Pre flatpak I’d use this to install qt5:
sudo apt install qtcreator qtbase5-dev qt5-qmake cmake libasound2-dev

Then with qt6:
sudo apt install qtcreator qt6-base-dev qmake6 cmake libasound2-dev

So I guess my main problem is I dunno how you every figure out which qt packages to sudo apt install to get a properly working qt6 and qtcreator and runtime.
And I don’t really expect help with that unless you happen to have it.

But I’d really like qtcreator to do regular old simple executable AND flatpak-builder created flatpak exe.

If anyone could help me out here, I’d appreciate it. stackoverflow is pretty dang sparse when it comes to flatpak - especially with qt.