Flatpak Cursor Size

I’ve noticed, for many Flatpak apps, that the cursor size is very little. How to solve this problem ?

Do you have examples of apps? Do you use an HiDPI screen?

HiDPI screen : NO, I’m using a desktop with a 23 inch screen, resolution 16801050 (16:10) (max allowed 19201080) (16:9). I tried 1920*1080 and it does not change anything.

Examples of apps where the mouse cursor is small (not the size I chose) : Most of them : Firefox, Gradio, KGeography, gPodder, Clocks, Calculator, Wire, Contacts, To Do, Thunderbird, Blink, Qbittorrent, Fondo, Avidemux, Bookworm, Pdf Tricks, Icon Library, Byte, Calibre, Gnome Maps, Celluloid

Examples of apps where the mouse cursor is the right size (the size I chose) : Gimp, Libre Office, Linphone, Gedit, Handbrake, Beaker, Teo, VLC