Flatpak External Data Checker constantly makes new pr if I don't accept previous ones, how to disable this behavior?

I don’t need the newest package versions in the master branch of my application, only in beta, so I ignore the pr from Flatpak External Data Checker, but they only accumulate over time even if there is a pr with this set of updates, is it possible to disable this behavior, for example that it would create a pr only once and make a new one only when more dependencies are updated, or that it would make a pr only in beta branch ?

I don’t think that’s possible with it currently, but check the source repo :slight_smile:

It’s a known issue. Help fixing this is welcome.

Okay this question is not very important, I am now interested in another question, how to add in flatpak support for 32 bit drivers if I use gnome contenter ? The documentation says that the version of org.freedesktop.Platform.GL3 2 should be equal to 1.4 and the version of the container, so in my case it should be 45;1.4 or does it mean the version of freedesktop container ?