Flatpak Kodi is missing important addon and feature

I downloaded the latest flatpak for Kodi on MX Linux. The addon Virtual Filesystem that provide support for creating sftp connection is missing. And the option to connect to smb share is also missing.

Since I manage all the connections to remote file systems (e.g. samba or sftp shares) on system level (not only on my Linux PC but also the Raspberry Pi), I do not need any application specific addons for such filesystem accesses. I would anyway consider such application specific “access addons” as a much bigger (potential) security problem than the system level tools with which much better detailed access policies can be defined. So, in my case all remote filesystems are - aside from the actual local filesystems - just “normal” (additional) directories from the perspective of all of my high-level applications including Kodi (flatpak).
Isn’t that an even better feasible solution also for you?

Yes, managing remotes shares on system level is probably better solution. I currently have installed apache server on my home server and setup http connection from kodi for streaming my media and it’s working fine.