Flatpak not allowing uninstall

I am trying to uninstall NewCP from my Chromebook and I get the error message: Failed to uninstall io.atom.electron.NewCP: Flatpak system operation Uninstall not allowed for user

I have tried updating flatpak and repairing it but its not helping? Please help me delete this app!!!

Are you using the same user that you installed it with? Is it a system or a user install?

It’s on the same computer and I only have one profile on it, I haven’t done much like this so I don’t know much I’m sorry.

I guess we’ll start with a flatpak repair in your terminal then.

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On a Chromebook your user is different from the one using the Linux Container to my knowledge.

The Linux environment is created in a virtual machine, in there a container, by default with Debian, is installed.

That user should have rights, enter the Linux terminal and use id to see what rights the user has.

It should use polkit and the user should have the right access. It should be in the wheel/sudo group which is the administrators in Linux. That allows the user to install apps using apt