Flatpak setup is not explained, can't install

So I have not used flatpak before & followed the setup for my distro (manjaro)
After restarting, I used the flathub blue INSTALL button to download a .flatpakref file.

Now what? This is where the instructions fall short.
The flatpakref file opens as txt, there are no apps i am able to open it with.
I cant find any further instructions on the flathub site about this.


When I click the blue “Install” button the popup suggests I should open it with Software Install, it thinks for a while and the Software install starts where there is a new blue “Install” button. Not sure how or if it’s different in Manjaro?

What happens if you try the command line installation?
flatpak install flathub org.videolan.VLC

Thanks for your reply @cub . Your description has enlightened me. So the blue button is supposed to launch software centre! (the setup guide does not mention that)

The pop-up does not recognise the .flatpakref file & offers to save it or open as txt. (there are no other options available in the apps dropdown)

Flatpak support is enabled in Manjaro Software Manager as per the setup instructions (linked in first post) & I am using the latest version 21.2

Thanks for the terminal suggestion. Although that would be a workaround, its not really what this question is about, which is specifically why the blue button doesn’t work.

I can also search in the Software Centre & find the FlatPak apps & install them there, which would be perfectly acceptable. But means I would bypass the flathub website completely & still leaves unanswered why the blue button & setup guide doesnt work.

Debian 11 also doesn’t have a handler for these Flatpak reference files. Terminal command works fine. It would be cool for Flatpak itself to add this handler.

I wonder if filing issues with the individual distros is a good idea? I wasn’t able to find a bug report on this in Debian.

Long term, yes. Short term, I was thinking it could be something to be added in the Quick setup Flatpak—the future of application distribution .

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I’m not sure how that would work. While that works on Fedora (Gnome Software) it doesn’t work on Manjaro, even if you try to open the file in the Software app. I just tried and could not get it to work.