Flatpak Thunderbird Install Problem

I have downloaded what I believe to be Version 68 of Thunderbird as a Flatpak file. I am getting a notice that I need a newer version of Flatpak in order to install it. I have quite a few friends who do not want to upgrade their units but would like a newer Firefox and Thunderbird on their units. I have used both ‘flatpak’ and ‘appimages’ and quite enjoy the abilities that they provide.
Given that I was wondering if there is a ‘flatpak’ of ‘flatpak’ so I can update there machines that way. I am prepared to accept the fact that I cannot do this but I really would like to use ‘flatpak’ approach to getting more modern Firefox and Thunderbird for them, if possible.

What distribution are you using?

I am using Fedora 24. Sorry I took so long to reply : -(((

You can probably try building newer flatpak (at least 1.0.x), but updating Fedora would be much better idea for multiple reasons, not just up-to-date flatpak.