Flatpak Update Command core dumped issue


I am not sure if I am posting in the correct forum, so please let me know otherwise. My issue just happened this morning. Running flatpak update gives me the following error:

[scott@fedora ~]$ flatpak update
Looking for updates…

New org.nickvision.tubeconverter permissions:
    file access [1]

    [1] xdg-download

        ID                                  Branch Op Remote        Download
 1. [|] org.gnome.Platform                  master u  gnome-nightly   871.6 kB / 346.2 MB
 2. [ ] org.nickvision.money                stable u  flathub        < 46.2 MB
 3. [ ] io.gitlab.adhami3310.Footage        stable u  flathub        < 24.2 MB
 4. [ ] org.nickvision.tubeconverter.Locale stable u  flathub       < 378.8 kB (partial)
 5. [ ] org.nickvision.tubeconverter        stable u  flathub        < 58.5 MB

Updating 1/5… ██                    10%  871.6 kB/sBus error (core dumped)
[scott@fedora ~]$ 

I assume there is something wrong with the Gnome Nightly platform package, or could be a server issue on their end perhaps. Just thought I’d point this out in case anyone else comes across it. No idea what other logs to provide, so feel free to ask.

Anyone else having this issue or am I alone? Hopefully in a couple hours it can correct itself.

apparently an ostree upate on fedora broke everything.

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Oh by chance you have a link to a thread or bug report somewhere by any chance? I just assume if I update again in a couple hours (or less), I’m hoping it gets resolved.

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